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High Anxiety Impedes Daily Life

Most people experience anxiety from time to time when facing a stressful situation. This anxiety could appear when turbulence hits an aircraft at thirty thousand feet or in the minutes before an important test. Most people focus on the tasks at hand and overcome this anxiety. Approximately four million people in the United States suffer from high anxiety in stressful situations. These people find it hard to continue with their normal duties because of this anxiety. These people with high anxiety need help so they can continue to function effectively and perform the normal daily duties of life.

People with high anxiety often feel that there is a catastrophic event about to take place. Others with anxiety imagine that they have a very serious physical condition that will lead to their demise. Some of the people with abnormal anxiety actually develop physical problems because of the stress produced by high anxiety. The people with high anxiety often become immobilized so they cannot fulfill their responsibilities. Some of them suffer from nausea, trembling, severe headaches and other symptoms because of their anxiety. Some of these people suffer even more if there is a real stressful situation. Women suffer from anxiety more than men, and this problem often develops when these people are adolescents.

High Anxiety Should Be Treated By A Physician

High anxiety is often a debilitating condition for people, and these people should consult their physician about this problem. The primary care physician will probably discuss the problem with the patient and find out the extent of the problem on the patient. The physician will determine if the condition is impeding the normal life of the patient. The physician might prescribe a course of action depending on his or her expertise. On the other hand, the physician might ask the patient to visit a therapist for further consultation. There are drug therapies that have brought great relief to people with high anxiety. These medicines will be prescribed by a medical professional depending on each individual case.

The medical professional will probably suggest that the patient do some kind of physical exercise on a daily basis if possible. Exercise often relieves stress for individuals who are living a hectic life. Drugs and therapy are often prescribed for those with high anxiety, but there are also some alternative medical tools that can help a person overcome high anxiety. Some people have found relief from their anxiety by working with a hypnotist. These expert hypnotists have techniques for relieving stress. The hypnotist can often have a very calming effect on patients.

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