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How Dealing With Anxiety Changes Your Life

Anxiety is a condition that is known for affecting one’s entire being, as it affects how you feel, how you think, how you behave, and it has very real mental and physical symptoms. Mild anxiety can be very vague and unsettling while severe anxiety can be extremely debilitating.

Causes Of Anxiety

There are quite a few different causes of anxiety, one of the most major being stress. When you are constantly dealing with stress in your life it basically reaches a point where your body can just not take it anymore, and anxiety begins to take over.

Negative experiences can also play a major role in causing anxiety, as anxiety can be triggered through the experience of a serious traumatic event, and this includes abusive relationships, violent occurrences, and emotionally stressful situations such as an unstable home life or living in poverty.

Dealing With Anxiety

When it comes to dealing with anxiety, there is nothing you can do until you determine the actual cause. By understanding what the root cause is of your anxiety, you will be able to move forward and find the best method of treatment for you and your particular case of anxiety.

One of the best things you can do when it comes to dealing with anxiety is to use certain breathing methods. Whether you are at home or out in public, changing your breathing is one of the quickest and most effective ways of dealing with anxiety in general.

By altering your breathing you will be able to instantly alter your state of mind, and when you become skilled at dealing with anxiety through altering your breathing, you will be able to cope and ease your anxiety.

The ‘sigh breath’ is one very simple breathing method in particular, one that is used to release tension in your chest, diaphragm and neck areas. It is one of the best for dealing with anxiety, and it is a moderate inhale through the nose followed by a fairly prolonged exhale through the nose or mouth.

This particular breathing technique enables you to instantly reduce your tension level through temporarily raising your blood carbon dioxide level, engages your attention for a few moments and takes your thoughts away from your anxiety problem, and begins reducing accumulated physical tension throughout your body especially in the throat, chest and abdomen.

Breathing techniques typically work incredibly well, however if you are having serious anxiety problems to the point that your regular life activities are being interrupted, you will need to speak to your doctor and quite possibly consider beginning yourself on prescription medications.

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