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On Heading Towards The Acceptance Of Anxiety And Depression Disorders

In today’s day and age there is much said about anxiety and depression that speaks in terms of a sense of hope. That is, when these conditions are described those who describe them do so in a manner that puts forth the notion that these psychological hindrances can be effectively treated and cured. While there have been great strides in the realm of treating these disorders, the past era of treatment has been marred with malpractice. Mercifully, we have (generally) moved beyond this past era. However, it is important to never forget what once occurred so as to avoid it from ever repeating itself.

Historical Derision Of Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression have long since been historically considered traits of a weak personality. This is, of course, an inaccurate assessment that does not address the seriousness of the issue of suffering from the resultant effects of anxiety and depression disorders. In the realm of those who opt to stereotype people with psychological and psychiatric disorders, the conditions that the afflicted may suffer are faced with derision, scorn and outright disbelief. Sadly, this attitude is not exclusive to “laypersons” as there are even those in the medical field that may prescribe to such notions. In fact, such a negative attitude was once so common that most treatments for the psychiatrically disadvantaged crossed the line into severe abuse. Rather than distastefully drudge up common psychiatric treatments of decades past, it is best to say that what occurred in the 1950’s was reminiscent of what occurred in the 1500’s against “heretics.”

Pop Culture Changes The Perception Of Anxiety And Depression

While many have derided and mocked the daytime talk shows and television movies of the 1980’s and 1990’s, these programs did provide some decent social values until the quest for ratings in the midst of competition led to a circus environment of exploitation that ultimately killed the genre. Part of the positive social aspects that these programs served included showing people that psychological problems were common, that those who suffered from them were not alone and that treatment was possible and could be performed in a humane manner. Because of this media presentation, people stopped seeing those with psychological impairments as “crazy” and began to sympathize with their plight. As such, the ability for these people to seek treatment without fear of being branded was facilitated and we now have the more free and open environment we have today. Needless to say, this is a huge and welcome improvement.

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