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Symptoms Of Anxiety To Watch Out For

You may often experience a feeling of restlessness, tightening of the chest, and having the inability to relax even if it is already way beyond your regular bedtime. Because of this, our days become more and more tiring that others area in our life are being affected, even when it comes to our relationship with other people.

Here are a list of symptoms that are brought about by anxiety and once you feel like you are having them often, please do not take it lightly. These symptoms of anxiety may lead to a bigger problem or can be a result of an even deeper problem that you do not know about.

The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

One of the many physical changes that you are experiencing when you are restless and anxious is clammy hands, dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat (or what may be called palpitations), tightness of the chest, and shortness of breath, shaking, having difficulty swallowing, frequent urination, and dizziness. It is best that you inform someone when you are experiencing these physical symptoms of anxiety to make them aware that you may need help.

These symptoms of anxiety are brought about by the release of a hormone when you are pressured or stressed which is called “adrenaline” where your body reaches a state telling you to either “fight or flight”.

Psychological Symptoms

On the other hand, aside from having these physical symptoms when you are feeling anxious, there can also be other psychological symptoms that can tell if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. One of the reasons include, paranoia, insomnia or having difficulty in sleeping, feeling uneasy and restless all the time, tiredness, irritable or quick to anger, inability to concentrate, or feeling of being in an unreal situation and not in control of your actions. This may also include the feeling of going crazy or mad and that you are breaking down.

These symptoms though can be rooted in the use of illegal drugs that make you feel paranoid and anxious like LSD, marijuana, and others. On the other hand, this may also include your use of caffeine in coffee or tea. These can greatly contribute to your feeling of anxiety.

The bottom line is if you feel like it is getting worse and worse, you should contact your doctor for proper diagnosis and medication. Remember that these symptoms should not be taken lightly and may lead or already a result of a bigger health problem.

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