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Test Anxiety Penalizes Students

Most students dislike tests and are quite relieved when a major test is complete. There are some students however who have test anxiety, and this can be a major factor in their education. Test anxiety is the result of a fear of the unknown and of possible misfortune. Students rarely know what will be on a test so some often have test anxiety because this uncertainty causes great worry. They have some idea of what will be on the test, and they usually know everything that could be on the test. Students usually want to study so they make a great grade. As they prepare for a test, they wonder what they should study and are they studying enough.

Test anxiety is an abnormal worry about an upcoming test. Most people overcome their worry about a test, and they do well on the test. Those students with test anxiety are so worried that their grade on the test will suffer. Some students with test anxiety cannot bring themselves to prepare for a test because of their anxiety. Other people prepare adequately for a test, but then when they enter the room for the test, they panic and cannot perform properly on the test.

Overcoming Test Anxiety Takes Time And Effort

Students can overcome test anxiety by careful and prudent preparation for a test far in advance. Often a test covers a specific body of material which is presented or assigned over a period of time. If the students know the material that will be covered on a test in two weeks, it is better to start reviewing and studying on the first day of that two week period. Cramming for the test at the last minute will often lead to test anxiety. Students can organize their study time and materials for better understanding. This will also help to eliminate anxiety at test time.

Students might also minimize anxiety at test time by preparing and taking practice tests. This will provide a simulation of the real test for a practice run. The real test will not feel so frightening if the student has practiced in advance. Students should also try to keep the test in the proper perspective. Although each test could make a significant difference in a grade, a test is not a matter of life and death. Students might eliminate some anxiety by remembering the importance of one test in the scheme of things. Students should get a good sleep the night before the test and eat a proper breakfast for maximum concentration during the test.

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