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The Cause Of Anxiety Differs In Individuals

Some people rarely worry about anything while other people worry about everything. The cause of anxiety differs from one person to another. There are some legitimate causes of anxiety, and there are degrees of anxiety depending on the individual. Flying in an airplane is a cause of anxiety for some people while others never think twice about the dangers of getting on a plane. If statistics are any indication of the dangers of flying, riding in an airplane is less dangerous than getting into a car for a drive on the freeway. Although more people are injured in cars per journey than on an airplane, the ride on the plane is a cause of anxiety for many people.

Taking tests is often a cause of anxiety, and the people who prepare adequately for a test are usually less apprehensive before entering the testing room. Some people have a legitimate reason to feel some anxiety before taking a test although tests are the cause of anxiety for some people even if they are well prepared. There are many causes of anxiety, and most people feel anxious at some time in their lives. People often develop fears and worries through the course of their lives. Some people develop a fear of flying because they got unto a plane as a child with a parent who was afraid of flying.

The Causes Of Anxiety Can Disrupt Lives

Although most people feel anxiety during the course of their lives, anxiety is not a serious problem for most people. There are a significant number of people who cannot cope with their fears and worries, and they cannot function on a daily basis because of anxiety. Some people develop their anxiety because of genetics. In other words, they are born predisposed to emotional worries and fears.

Like the children who fly with anxious parents, many children learn to be afraid from their surroundings when very young. If their parents are terrified during a thunderstorm although in the safety of their home, children will probably be terrified under the same circumstances. The biochemistry in the brain of an individual could be the cause of anxiety. Scientists have studied the brain and discovered elements that make one individual more anxious than others. These scientists have found elements in the biochemistry of the brain in some individuals that make them more anxious even if they are not in a dangerous situation. These chemicals in the brain can also make some people depressed or sad for no reason.

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