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Overcome Your Social Anxiety

If you feel like you do not have the courage or the nerve to walk into a roomful of people that you do not know and have never met in your entire life or you have trouble making new friends or acquaintances, what you may have is a social anxiety.

Though some people may just mistake it for having the quality of being shy, this really is a big problem that should be taken seriously and must be overcome before it is too late. Here are some ideas that you can use to help those people who may be suffering from social anxiety.

The Root, The Phobia

Though others may just say that a person is only extremely shy and does not have the courage to be at a social gathering or be in front of a lot of people, others may view it in a bigger picture and may say that it is a social anxiety. Social anxiety or social phobia can be rooted from a person’s fear of being judged and evaluated by others. Therefore, what they do is that they just withdraw and avoid situations that will expose them to a lot of people.

Some common social anxiety situations that sufferers are fearful of are public speaking, being onstage or performing on it, having to deal with authority figures, eating and drinking, writing, dating, using public rest rooms or toilets, and even school examinations. These fears may also include sexual performance and all social encounters in general.

What You Can Tell From Symptoms

You can tell if the person is suffering from a social anxiety because there were changes that you can immediately see when they get embarrassed or feel pressured in front of the public. Some of these symptoms involve unnecessary blushing, sweating excessively, dry mouth, heart palpitations, tense muscles, and trembling and even nausea.

On the other hand there are many ways in which you can overcome your social anxiety like for one, joining a speech class that will give you routine exercises to speak in front of a lot of people. Another way in which you can interact with others is to join a performing arts group that will let you perform in front of an audience. Also try going out once a week for you to experience nightlife and establish a new network of friends. These are effective ways to help you overcome social anxiety and make you a better person in return.

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