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Anxiety Medication For Sufferers Of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are occurrences in a certain individual where that individual feels a wave of panic or dread that is followed by several symptoms. These symptoms are shortness of breath, hyperventilation, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, chest pain, trembling and tingling of the head and extremities.


Often, the sufferer of anxiety attacks think he is experiencing a heart attack due to the increased heart rate combined with chest pain. In some extreme case anxiety medication needs to be given to the individual because he has lost control of himself. Other people also opt to take anxiety medication to avoid loss of control and other frightening symptoms. Other anxiety medication is given for just a short-term basis just long enough for the individual to be able to manage his anxiety.


Anxiety Medication Comes In Many Types


There are three types of drugs or anxiety medication commonly prescribed to individuals who suffer anxiety. These are mild tranquilizers, namely benzodiazepines and azapirones, anti-depressants and beta-blockers. Mild tranquilizers work by treating the symptoms of anxiety. They do not really treat anxiety itself only the symptoms.


Benzodiazepines work as fast acting sedatives that can slow down the central nervous system within a half hour of taking it. This anxiety medication is highly addictive and the individual’s intake needs to be monitored well. Azapirones work better than the Benzodiazepines by not being such a strong sedative, by not being highly addictive and by not impairing memory and coordination. These types of anxiety medication have the most negative side effects and many doctors avoid prescribing these unless it is necessary. Many types of anxiety medication have undesirable side effects.


Other anxiety medications are anti-depressants that also have good side effects and bad side effects. They work slower than the mild tranquilizers and are not addictive to the individuals taking them. They do have the tendency of inciting suicidal thoughts in the individual, hostility and agitation. Some milder anti-depressant anxiety medication can only cause nervousness, nausea, sexual dysfunction, sleepiness and headaches.


Beta-blockers are anxiety medication that is used to also treat heart problems and hypertension. They are the most prescribed medications for those that suffer phobias such as social and performance phobias or anxiety. Like all other drugs these also have side effects although, not as bad as the other medication and drugs described above. Common side effects are fatigue, lightheadedness, short-term memory loss, insomnia, cold hands and feet and a slow pulse.

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